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Parent Portal Instructions

You can use PowerSchool's Parent Portal to monitor your child's grades, homework completion, and attendance and tardies. Please refer to the following guide to create an account, log in, and connect students to your account.

Parent Portal Single Sign-On Instructions
If you are new to the school system, and have not yet received login credentials, you will need to visit your child's school for initial “Access ID and Password” information. Due to privacy protection laws, the school cannot give you these numbers over the phone or in email. Once you have obtained this information, please follow the directions below to set up your account.

How to Create a Parent/Guardian Account:
In order to create an account, you must have the Access ID and Access Password for each student you have enrolled in school. You will then associate each child to your parent/guardian account using the individual Access IDs and Passwords. The Access IDs and Passwords are assigned by the school.

Follow these steps to create your Parent Single Sign-On account:
1. Navigate to Then either use the apple icon located in the “Popular” drop down on our new website, the drop down under Parents and select Parent Portal, or
2. Click “Create Account”.
3. Fill in the required information in all the boxes as follows;

  • First Name – Your First Name
  • Last Name – Your Last Name
  • E-Mail – Your e-mail address - The email address you enter is used to send you select information as well as account recovery notices and account changes confirmations.
  • Desired User Name – Enter the user name you would like to use when logging into the PowerSchool Parent Portal. The username must be unique. If you enter a user name that is already in use, you will be prompted to select or enter another username.

4. Password – Enter the password you would like to use when logging into the PowerSchool Parent Portal. The password must be unique and a minimum of 6 characters.
5. Re-enter the password you would like to use when logging into the PowerSchool Parent Portal. The password you enter must match the password entered in the Password field.
6. Link Students to Account Section.

  • Student Name – Your child’s first and last name
  • Access ID – The confidential Access ID you have been issued for this student’s account.
  • Access Password – The password you have been issued for this student’s account. Please note: ID and password must be typed in as printed on your letter.
  • Relationship – Your relationship to the child (mother, father, etc.) You can add up to 7 children from this screen. If you have more than 7 children, or if you didn’t add all your children on this screen, you can add them later by clicking the “Account Preferences” – “Students” icon. When you have filled in all the information and added all your children click “enter,” then log in with the new account you just created.

Once you complete the new account set-up and add all your children you can access the various account settings for email notices, etc. by clicking the “Account Preferences” icon found on the top navigation menu.